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Coconut Ladoos

Cooking can be great fun.It is very relaxing and great to have friends over.Some things to keep in mind :-

1. Always do cooking under the guidance of an adult.

2. Wash your hands before starting.

3. Girls make sure you tie up your hair.

4. Never be in a hurry.Work step by step as directed.

5. Kitchen discipline should be followed strictly- Dont touch the gas..knife and scissors without adult supervision.

6. Try not to waste and remember to clear up.

It would be a good idea to keep or rather make your personal recipe book.Lets start!!!

Coconut ladoos…………

Ingredients( things you need):-Gas stove,a non stick pan,laddle to stir.Paper cake cups and a                                             plate to serve.

1. 1 tin of condensed milk.

2. 31/2 cups of desiccated coconut powder.

3. Small bowl of chopped dry fruits.                                                   Chopped dry fruits






Method:- You will need mummy’s help.

1.Put aside a small bowl of coconut.

2.Add the remaining coconut in a pan on slow heat.Slowly add the condensed milk,stirring all the while.

3.Stop pouring the condensed milk when a dough forms.Stir on the flame till the mixture leaves the side of the pan.Add the dry fruits ,and let to cool.

4.Butter your hands and roll into small balls(ladoos).

5.Now roll the ladoo in the dry coconut and garnish.

6.Put in a plate and serve.       YUMMY -YUMMY    Enjoy with your family and friends.


ladoo       ladoo1  ladoo2                       ladoo3



Your favourite dish -Vegetable Noodles

Food is a very important part in our lives.Mummies spend a lot of time and effort looking for recipes that are yummy for you kids,as well as healthy.Food many a time is a nightmare for mummies,as her angel wants only junk-chips and pepsi any thing that takes no time to eat.Today we are going to learn to cook the simplest thing-it can be called junk ,but we will add a lot of veggies and make it healthy.It can be cooked in a short while- yes , its noodles.

noodlesnoodles veg


Vegetable noodles(you can use atta noodles and all the vegetables add sauce and spice)



Now here’s the recipe.Remember have mum next to you while cooking and follow all the safety rules.No knifes,keep away from the gas.Wash your hands,little girls tie up your hair.Never rush ,work patiently and clean up after you finish.Put your wet waste in the correct bin.(We shall talk about garbage segregation later)

You need -Noodles, water in a vessel to boil

Vegetables sauce and salt.

A bowl and spoon and fork to eat.


1.Wash, cut and steam the vegetables.

2.Boil noodles( add a small spoon of oil while boiling-noodles will not be sticky then.)

3.Mix the noodles and vegetables in a bowl.

4.Add sauce to taste with a little salt.

5.Enjoy the noodles with your friend.


bowl1            bowl2




Chocolate Balls

Hi mums,

Today i am starting a new column.”Recipes”.

Growing up nowadays is not an easy task.With new inventions, researches

and new technologies we like our kids to become little Einstein.-and why not..?

I once had a mum of a little girl who came for the parent\teacher meeting and

said,”ma’am i’d like to tell you something-my little girl is an Einstein.She can

operate all the gizmos i have.”may be she was right.But you know what

the little girl liked to do the most ……she liked to run around ,play,listen to

stories.What i am trying to tell you is let your children grow up by exploring

and experiencing things around them. Let their  childhood be fun and messy-

that doesn’t mean you don’t discipline them.Be there for them.Give them a good

family environment remember they learn the most from you- not the many

classes they go to.Give them good sanskars-values and make them good

and caring  human beings.Let them enjoy there child hood and learn along .

Cooking is something kids really enjoy.They watch you toss up there favorite

dish in a minute.They love to feel the different textures ,tastes and gadgets.

Cooking classes are becoming a rave.So lets start our own.You must share recipes you have.

This one recipe Chocolate Balls is my favorite. My son made them in school

when he was 5.Its always been a super hit with kids.So try them.12



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