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Receipe —-Apple Crumple



Apple crumple is a delicious dessert to cook. You need adult guidance for cutting, using the gas and oven.

Pearls of Wisdom:-

..Wear cotton comfortable clothes.

..Tie up your hair.

..Wash hands before and after cooking.

..No wasting and clean up after you finish cooking.

..Work patiently and follow instructions.

..Enjoy and share your dessert.



  • 2 Apples
  • Half cup brown sugar
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • Half cup butter
  • Half cup flour
  • 1 spoon honey
  • Oven at 200 degrees, bowl (Oven ware), spoon, cutting board knives.


.Peel and slice apples.

Grind sugar not to fine and roast the flour light brown..

Butter the bowl and place the apple slices ,sprinkle cinnamon powder.

Mix flour, butter and sugar gently and put on top of the apples.

Add honey and stir a little mixing from the bottom.

Place in the pre heated oven till light brown.

Remove , cool and serve with vanila ice cream.







Peda is an Indian sweet and has a very simple recipe. It is made for almost all our festivals.

Things to remember before cooking:-

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Wear simple clothes well pinned up and also put on an apron.
  3. Always have mum or an adult , never venture alone into the kitchen to avoid accidents.
  4. Tie and pin up your hair .
  5. Help to collect all the vessels needed to cook.
  6. Understand what you are going to cooking and then collect the ingredients.
  7. Strictly follow rules and make sure you are well organised.
  8. No wasting and last of all remember to clean up.

Here are the pictures of all the vessel needed :-

  Bowls with a spoon.

Measuring cup , spoon  or scale.


Shape trays and dish to put the ready pedas :-



. Mawa 250 gms. 

. Sugar to taste ..about 1 cup. sugar should be finely ground .


Dry fruits chopped :-


Method :-

  1. Mash the mawa into a smooth soft dough.
  2. Slowly mix the ground sugar. add to taste.
  3. Add the chopped dry fruits.
  4. Roll into round balls and flatten a little.To make different shapes use the shape trays….just like chocolate making.
  5. Put in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Here is a picture of the process of peda making——

To make pedas colourful add a little saffron :-

Add ground coconut to make coconut pedas.

Chocolate powder to make chocolate pedas .


For any festival  gift wrap the pedas in a box :-

Your pedas are ready.

Wash your hands.

Clean the kitchen table .

Wash the vessels .

Put back everything in the correct place .

Enjoy……care and share.

give to the less fortunate.



Bread Uttapam

A quick and healthy snack.Kids you can help mum preparing -weighing the ingredients,mixing and setting-then watch mum cooking.

Remember the rules:-

.  Wash your hands.

.  Tie your hair.

.  Wear an apron.

.  Strictly follow instructions.

.  No wasting and cleaning up.


What you need:-

.  4 slices of brown bread.

.  A small bowl each of maida and suji.

.  A bowl of fresh curds.

.  Finely chopped vegetables.

.  A little oil to fry, salt, chille powder  chat masala, sliced tomatoes and chopped corriender leaves.




1. Grind the bread to a fine powder.

2. Take out the powder in a bowl.Add the maida and suji and spices.

3. Put the curds and mix (dough should be of cake consistency- add a little water if required.)

4. Put in all the vegetables and stir.

5. Heat the pan and spread small pancakes add a little oil.

6. Cook for 3 minutes on each side.

7. When ready garnish with corriender leaves and sliced tomatoes.

8. Serve hot with sauce or chutney.

breadufry  bu



Master Chef-Kids!!!!










this one dad



These are just fun recipes.Kids you are  Master Chefs!!!!!!!!!!



hambhambugerHAMBURGER – Ready to serve with french fries.

We are going to make a very simple burger with vegetables:-

What you need:-

1.Wheat mini buns.

2.Lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sliced onions.

3.Butter, sliced cheese, tomato sauce, green chutney or mayonnaise.

4.Potato wafers or french fries to garnish.  bun





















1.Slice the bun into half.

2.Spread butter, chutney or mayonnaise on one side.

3.Put the lettuce leaves,sliced tomato,cucumber and onions.

4.Put the slice of cheese and the other half of the bun.

5.Your bugger is ready.Serve it with fries and tomato sauce.


ham2You can make a vegetable cutlet and put it in the burger.Remember always have mum to guide you,and to have a great time full of fun invite your friends.

Your pearls of wisdom:

1. Care and share with your friends.

2. Wait for your turn to use things.

3. No wastage.

4 Clean up when you finish.

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