Impressionable Minds – Conception

Around 2005, a group of individuals associated with a large Media House Social Work Division started a series of discussions on the socially relevant projects.

After several deliberations,it was decided that :

‘ The Foundation envisioned that it is critical that GOOD VALUES are inducted into the fabric of society. ‘

We realized that  Children between the age group of 3 to 6 years would be the most receptive to these values.

Feedback from various academicians & teachers was sought for this exercise. Some teachers from prominent schools played a critical role in the conceptualization process. The teachers were very positive about the Children of this age group becoming :

‘a conduit to this Value Transfer’ – and ‘ benefiting ‘ themselves, in the process

These children would not only get deep etching of the values in their brains & hearts (for life) – and perhaps more important – they will have a strong value rub off on the adults, they come across.

Two classic real life examples, as received from teachers:

a) The Teacher had talked in 2/3 sessions how bad smoking is. There was an actual case where both parents came to the teacher and reported that they were pressurized by the child ( ‘my teacher says, smoking is bad ‘) and they both finally gave up smoking(both were regular smokers !).

b) In the other case, the teacher had talked about garbage separation & to keep 2 separate dustbins. The parents came & reported that the child insisted and did not relent till they started this practice at home !

There would be many cases all of us would have experienced when the child insists ‘ NO, my teacher says differently ‘ !

There an important thing to note :

A child is very ‘impressionable’ up to an age of 3 to 6 years – the formative years.

Thus was conceived :

impressionable minds
A movement.matcha cayi

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