Chocolate Balls

Hi mums,

Today i am starting a new column.”Recipes”.

Growing up nowadays is not an easy task.With new inventions, researches

and new technologies we like our kids to become little Einstein.-and why not..?

I once had a mum of a little girl who came for the parent\teacher meeting and

said,”ma’am i’d like to tell you something-my little girl is an Einstein.She can

operate all the gizmos i have.”may be she was right.But you know what

the little girl liked to do the most ……she liked to run around ,play,listen to

stories.What i am trying to tell you is let your children grow up by exploring

and experiencing things around them. Let their  childhood be fun and messy-

that doesn’t mean you don’t discipline them.Be there for them.Give them a good

family environment remember they learn the most from you- not the many

classes they go to.Give them good sanskars-values and make them good

and caring  human beings.Let them enjoy there child hood and learn along .

Cooking is something kids really enjoy.They watch you toss up there favorite

dish in a minute.They love to feel the different textures ,tastes and gadgets.

Cooking classes are becoming a rave.So lets start our own.You must share recipes you have.

This one recipe Chocolate Balls is my favorite. My son made them in school

when he was 5.Its always been a super hit with kids.So try them.12



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