Your favourite dish -Vegetable Noodles

Food is a very important part in our lives.Mummies spend a lot of time and effort looking for recipes that are yummy for you kids,as well as healthy.Food many a time is a nightmare for mummies,as her angel wants only junk-chips and pepsi any thing that takes no time to eat.Today we are going to learn to cook the simplest thing-it can be called junk ,but we will add a lot of veggies and make it healthy.It can be cooked in a short while- yes , its noodles.

noodlesnoodles veg


Vegetable noodles(you can use atta noodles and all the vegetables add sauce and spice)



Now here’s the recipe.Remember have mum next to you while cooking and follow all the safety rules.No knifes,keep away from the gas.Wash your hands,little girls tie up your hair.Never rush ,work patiently and clean up after you finish.Put your wet waste in the correct bin.(We shall talk about garbage segregation later)

You need -Noodles, water in a vessel to boil

Vegetables sauce and salt.

A bowl and spoon and fork to eat.


1.Wash, cut and steam the vegetables.

2.Boil noodles( add a small spoon of oil while boiling-noodles will not be sticky then.)

3.Mix the noodles and vegetables in a bowl.

4.Add sauce to taste with a little salt.

5.Enjoy the noodles with your friend.


bowl1            bowl2




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