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logo_thumbnailImpressionable Minds is a value based workshop for kids where they learn in a non competitive environment and have fun while learning.

Our Vision is to pass on good social values through the best ambassadors of society – ‘Your Little Ones’, as they are most impressionable in their early years and will always remember anything told to them. They will always have a strong value rub off on the adults they come across.

We would urge parents to go through this blog and make value learning a part of their daily routine with their kids.




               “The Panchatantra of Life” 

is a 5 point programme on Value Enhancements.

1. Self Discipline
2. Relationships
3. Health
4. Ethics
5. Environment

One of the unique characteristics of every single person is his or her value system.
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  1. Apurva Maheshwary says:

    Hello Chachi jee.

  2. Vibhuti says:

    Brilliant blog.. what lovely little articles.. love the whole value system concept for the little ones! 🙂

  3. Lopa rangwalla says:

    My mind is impressed dear abha! You hv put in yr heart n soul in building it!
    Wish u the v best always! May yr enthusiasm n creative thinking always stay alive n imbibed fully on d impressionable minds
    Love n regards Lopa

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