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Hi, I wonder how many of you spread a smile today. I did…I made some children smile, a worried vendor smile and that made me happy.  (Read my post here about a way to make others happy. )


Today I am going to write about HONESTY…Here is a small story about a little boy who wanted candy and asked his mother. She said no as he had not drunk his milk. The boy was angry and sad. He went outside. As he opened the front door, he saw something shining on the floor. He got curious and bent down to see what it was. He was surprised to see it was a five Rupee coin. He picked it up and thought “Well I can use this to buy a candy for myself.”

But he thought for a while and decided to give the coin to his mum as it did not belong to him. When he gave the coin to mum telling her how he found it, his mum was very happy because he had been honest. She gave him a hug and not one but two candies for his honesty.

The boy got not just two candies but a great feeling that he done the right thing. Remember you must not take something that is not yours.


I have an idea all these little values that we talk about we will call ‘MY PEARLS OF WISDOM…..

So far we have three pearls – Be Happy, Care and Share, Be Honest.

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