Sustainable Parenting

We keep talking about sustainable living to save our planet.

Have you ever thought what ‘Sustainable living means’?

All life on earth depends on the environment. Every thing is inter-dependent. Sustainability is the idea to interact is such a way that there is enough resource for each one of us and for our future generations. We have to learn to use things just enough for our need and not waste -a very good example would be the use of water or food. It is important to remember that  we are the lucky ones who don’t have to worry for our daily needs, so it becomes our prime duty to see that we don’t waste.

As parents it is our responsibility to teach our children the importance of sustainable leaving. The best way to do this is by disciplining ourselves and making it a habit not to buy unless we need . Hoarding or storing dose not help us in any way, it often leaves the space and our mind cluttered.

Let us break the rule and be parents with a difference. To stand together is always easier than being by oneself.

I will mention just a few things to help you become ‘Sustainable Parents’, and teach your child the wealth of sustainable and happy living.

A little less is always better than a little more.

-Use news paper to wrap gifts. Your children can paint and decorate the paper.

-After eating make it a habit to wash hands instead of using a paper napkin.

-Serve small portions of food and water to avoid wasting.

-If something is required just for a one time use , don’t hesitate to borrow from a friend eg a hat for a day picnic.

-Be a eco friendly parent. Your consciousness rubs off on your kids. Do what you want your kids to do-no to plastic, use a dustbin, segregate garbage

-Use the old school bag, water bottle ,crayons, if in good condition.

-Donate your old things and give them with respect, they should be useable.

It is not possible to achieve ‘Zero Waste’ status. In our own little ways just try to make little changes and save our resources.

Let us teach our kids to love and care all things. Waste not Want not.



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