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We will start making a necklace with our little pearls and remember them through this wonderful journey, our life. As you grow up you will see and understand these values in a different light.

This is how our necklace will look.



Today’s value is REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE represented with this symbol.

recycle symbol


This sounds very big but very simply it means trying to reduce waste, learning how to handle it and so protecting our environment. The environment is everything around us – air, water, plants and land. We need a healthy environment for health and happiness.

How can we help in this?

Well very easy. Have you noticed that in the craft that we have learnt we use old material from the house?

Here are more things that you can do with waste material instead of throwing it away.

  • You can cut and use old cards to make your birthday invitations or cards to wish mum and dad.
  • Old boxes can be decorated to make a pencil stand for your teacher or a dust bin.
  • Instead of throwing away your old toys you can give them to your maid.

I am sure you have many more ideas, why don’t you share them? Add a comment to this blog if you have any ideas.

So you see we can help to protect our environment and have fun as well.

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