Save the environment Gift a plant instead of flowers.

hello kids,

I am writing after quite some time. The rains have made all the plants so

green. Today as i was walking i came across a plant nursery and

decided to walk in to buy some plants for my empty pots in my window

garden.It was treat to my eyes to so many variety of plants, with

big leaves,small leaves oblong and round leaves thin and broad leaves

and oh so many shades and hues of green.I came across a patch in the

nursery full of  different colours of flowering plants.They looked so

beautiful.As i stood there trying to decide which plants to pick up a

colourful butterfly came and sat on a red flower.Have you ever thought

that we can call butterflies ‘natures flying flowers’.Can you imagine how the

world would look without the green trees colourful flowers and the

beautiful  butterflies.They all depend on each other.Plants have the

green leaves and the colourful flower.The butterfly enjoys the nectar in

the flowers and in turn helps to spread the plant seeds, for new plants

to come up.So dont you think that we should care and protect them.

To begin with i have a small idea……On this teachers day give your

teacher a small plant  instead of giving her flowers.And you know what every time she waters

time she waters it ,she will remember you.

Our value for today is    ‘GIFT A PLANT’

Go to Art & Craft section & learn how to make a butterfly .

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  1. Vibhuti says:

    such a lovely idea! 🙂

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