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Christmas craft – palm painting

Christmas is round the corner , we are going to learn some exciting Christmas craft using our hands.

Things needed :-

  1. Paper ( you can use news paper or the blank side of computer printouts. Remember the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  2. Camlin or any other brand poster paints. ( They should be safe. )
  3. Water and paint brushes.
  4. An apron a napkin.
  5. Any other material to decorate.( Silver or glase paper…)
  6. Paste and scissors.
  7. Felt pens and crayons for out lines.

Kids you can ask mum or any adult to be near you to help while putting the paint on your palms.

I shall put up pictures from the net. Being a kindergarten teacher most of the things i have tried. So go ahead and try.

You can be as creative as you like get an idea from the pictures.

So here we go :-

Christmas tree using your palm-

paint on palm This is how you put paint on the palm.use different colours yellow ,red ,you can make designs.

xtree        xtree1

xtree2       xtree4

Santa :- Palm painting –

santa         santa1

santa2             santa3

santa4           santa5


Here are the reindeer , snow men………..and…..

christ1     christ2

christ3 snow menchrist4   christ5

christ6   christ7


Kids these are some ideas .Like I said I have tried most of them The pictures are from the net.You can use colored streamers and ribbons  and old post cards. You can make a wreath with palm cut outs.

Here is an idea- You can have a craft competition for your Christmas  Party.

As mentioned earlier you can use the decoration left overs

Enjoy your Christmas holidays and bring in the New Year  with joy and happiness


Car Hanger -No Honking

The festival season is here again and along with happiness ,joy and family reunions we will have to live with both sound and air pollution.

Kids here we have a craft idea with junk -No Honking-. A hanger for your car. With so much rush and traffic every where we can’t help but honk.This hanger is for the driver, mom  and dad .Lets start:-

Things needed:-

1. Plastic CD cover.

2.  Worksheet as shown below.You can have your own idea.

3.  Scissors, paste, colours, crayons and anything else to                                 decorate your hanger.

4.  Ribbon to make a loop for hanging.

Method:-          Cut the pictures to size. First stick the ribbon making a loop.Now stick one picture on either side of the CD.Colour,paint and decorate..Gift it to the driver to put in the car. Saying –




WE have remembered the 3 Rs  REDUCE , REUSE ,RECYCLE  by using junk and waste.

cd cover    materialyour art box


no sound

Ready CD hanger –

cd reasdy



Be as creative as you like.



Fun with junk

Hi kids ,its summer vacation again- your holiday well earned after a year of hard work.Vacation time is to relax and do things you otherwise don’t have time to do.Its summer season, so very hot.You can be outside early morning or in the evening.(for various classes).During the day you have to sit indoors-  maybe watch a movie with your friends,cook, do some fun activities,play board games or just chit chat.Look what i have for you…..Fun with junk.

You can collect used up charts , boxes of tooth paste ,chocos, old ribbons cloth and make what you like.

1 A scrap book with your favourite cut outs pictures,photos.

2 Mobiles of flowers,animals etc.

3 Toys like motor cars ,masks.

I will show you some pictures and then go ahead let your imagination run.

Fun with paper plates:-

paper plate   paper plate1paperplate2  elephant paper plate

Fun with boxes and bottle:-

box car1  box cow box rabbit                boxcar2

button gardenButton garden bottle fish

Aqurium:-aquarium box These are just some ideas many people have shared.You can make just any thing you like. Remember your teacher would like it if you helped her to decorate the class-so use any junk and you can make charts and mobiles for your class projects.

One thing that you you will always enjoy making is a scrap book,in which you can paste just any thing you like-photos of friends or special occasions,pictures from a magazine or even articles you would like to keep.Paste them with a caption or write a little about them. For the book you can use old news paper,paint it (flower or sponge painting),cut to the size you like and bind it with a cover.Oh yes ,always remember to put a date on whatever you stick-you will love to remember and go down memory lane.-You can make a class magazine each year  sticking pictures photos etc.-sharing it with your friends years later .-its really great fun.

scrap  scrap1

scrap2        scrap3using news paper.







Art and Craft describes a variety of activities involving making things with hands.The art and craft peroid in class is most enjoyed by kids.For some it is a class to show their creative skills .For some it is a free peroid just to mess around and have fun.The out come or products made are often hang up around the class to make the class colourful and bright.

Today i am going to show you somethings which you can make with old CDs and their boxes.

Things needed:-Old CDs. CD boxes.

. Scissors ,glue.paints and crayons.

. Scrap material, kite and  crepe paper to decorate.

. String, Ribbon, Bits of card board.

Things you can make:-

. Picture frames

. Aquariam

. Napkin holder

. Painting frame………..     These are just a few ideas.Look at the pictures and try.You can take the idea and be inovative .Remember to reuse old material.Have fun.Like i say always ,double your fun – invite your friends to spend a day and together make things related to class topics or things to decorate your room.You can make a gift for your teacher,friends,parents.

cd   Coasters for your mummy








Animal faces………………….cd1 cd2    Rangoli.You can draw a scene and make a picture to hang.


cd5 Stars for xmas tree paint them .








Aquarium with the CDbox.You can take a single box open , paint blue for the water .Cut and decorate fish and stick in the blue water,Close the box and hang it.




Fish with CD.Aquarium with CD covers.



cda                                                                       cd9


cdb jokers to hang.





Ideas for photo frames.You can join CDs and make a family frame.

photo start        photo    photo2 Baby photo frames





Family photo frame                                                                      photo5




photo 1






Remember the 3 Rs Reduce-Reuse and Recycle.Save Mother Earth in your own little way.

How to make a paper boat

Things needed:- Piece of square paper

Paints,crayons,junk bits to decorate

Paper plate coloured blue for the lake.Stick the ready boat on the plate.

Method:- Fold the square paper into half.Then fold the rectangle into half to get a square.You will have4 flaps.Now make a triangle by first folding one flap,and then the other 3 on the opposite side.When you open the triangle you have cap which you fold to make a square.You will get a square with 2 triangle folds.Now pull open the triangles.Voila! your boat is ready.You can paint and decorate it.

Steps showing  how to make a boat:-paper fold boat steps


boat                   sail boatSail boat.cut out the hull and

sails decorate and stick.

Remember the 3 rs-Reduce,Reuse Recycle 3 rs.Try to use old paper.

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