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Sustainable Parenting

We keep talking about sustainable living to save our planet.

Have you ever thought what ‘Sustainable living means’?

All life on earth depends on the environment. Every thing is inter-dependent. Sustainability is the idea to interact is such a way that there is enough resource for each one of us and for our future generations. We have to learn to use things just enough for our need and not waste -a very good example would be the use of water or food. It is important to remember that  we are the lucky ones who don’t have to worry for our daily needs, so it becomes our prime duty to see that we don’t waste.

As parents it is our responsibility to teach our children the importance of sustainable leaving. The best way to do this is by disciplining ourselves and making it a habit not to buy unless we need . Hoarding or storing dose not help us in any way, it often leaves the space and our mind cluttered.

Let us break the rule and be parents with a difference. To stand together is always easier than being by oneself.

I will mention just a few things to help you become ‘Sustainable Parents’, and teach your child the wealth of sustainable and happy living.

A little less is always better than a little more.

-Use news paper to wrap gifts. Your children can paint and decorate the paper.

-After eating make it a habit to wash hands instead of using a paper napkin.

-Serve small portions of food and water to avoid wasting.

-If something is required just for a one time use , don’t hesitate to borrow from a friend eg a hat for a day picnic.

-Be a eco friendly parent. Your consciousness rubs off on your kids. Do what you want your kids to do-no to plastic, use a dustbin, segregate garbage

-Use the old school bag, water bottle ,crayons, if in good condition.

-Donate your old things and give them with respect, they should be useable.

It is not possible to achieve ‘Zero Waste’ status. In our own little ways just try to make little changes and save our resources.

Let us teach our kids to love and care all things. Waste not Want not.



Proud to be Me……….Myself

Kids we are going to do some art and craft. We all love that isn’t it . Remember what  I told you earlier.

The important thing that the letter R teaches you…..

The 3 words…

REDUCE….use only as much as you need ,don’t waste. eg take only half a bottle of water to school ,so you save water. Switch of the light when not in the room.

REUSE……Try and use old things ,don’t just throw them Use old paper and boxes to do craft instead of buying new chart paper.

RECYCLE…..Your old stuff can be passed on to someone to reuse, or you can make something else out of it and use—-give your old clothes to someone needy—or cut them and stich them into floor mats ,may be your pet can use it.

Today you will learn to draw yourself using old chart paper and ice -cream sticks..Follow the instructions —–

Pearls of Wisdom.

…Remember the 3R’s Reduce ,Reuse ,Recycle and Remake.

…Focus ,sit in one place be Mindful.

…Clear up when you finish.





Paper folding into a fan for the Skirt

Paper folding ,then pressing the paper into a straight line ,folding into half like a triangle for the pant.










Importance of Self Esteem—1

                                    SELF ESTEEM

Self Esteem is the way we think and feel about ourselves.Self esteem shapes our lives and is important for everyone,both young and old.As parents it is important to help build up our child’s self esteem.Family and Home are two greatest influences to help children at all ages to build up a High Self Esteem.I read a beautiful poem….

I Am Glad to be Me

The author is unknown to me:

I look in the mirror

And what do I see?                              

I see the ME,

No one else can be.

I am Precious.

I am glad to be ME.

MY hair,my face.

My personality.

My size,my shape.                                                                                    

The colour of my skin.

All make up me

Outside and in.

I Am Glad to be me.





My Recipe for Self Esteem


1…I will always be …Proud to be me.

2…I Believe in myself.

3…I will love myself first.

4…I am important.

5…I am Happy with all of ME.

Kids lets have a little fun.You enjoy colouring and sticking right? (Art and Craft)

Here’s a chart which says “All About Me”

You can print it out. Then you can draw, colour, paint or stick ,following the instructions.

When you have finished stick it on your board.Remember  You are  the Best.Always be Proud of Yourself. Now this doesn’t mean you look down on others.Be happy for  what others can do.Everyone is good at something.



How to Make a Book Mark


Hi kids

This is the age of the internet and so book reading is slowly vanishing.Read my earlier post on ‘Story Telling’ and you will know the importance of books.Reading gives you a feel that the internet cannot do .When you read you transport yourself into a fantasy world. .Make it a habit to read or look at a book at least once a day.

What is a Book Mark? Well its a piece of paper or anything else like an ice-cream stick or ribbon which you put  in between the page of a book that you are reading.When you want to start reading again the book mark will take you straight away to the page you had stopped on.

They can be used for you school text books and exercise books.

A well kept book shows your respect for your teacher.

Book marks are easy to make.remember the 3 R’s reduce,Reuse and Recycle.Any waste material can be used to make a book mark

The images  are from google.I have made each one of them with my little students.Here is something I would like to share ,I don’t know how to post the  bookmarks i have made so I use images from google.

One thing you must always remember never ever feel small in telling someone that you can’t do something or you have’nt heard of somehing.

.It’s not nice  to be  a -Know all Person- all the time..Learning never stops whatever your age  You can learn from anyone ,older or younger.

Be honest to yourself.


..To have an adult when you make them to avoid accidents.

..Care and share with your friends….you will enjoy more and get better ideas.

..Be responsible.Clear the space putting things back in their place and throw the left overs in the ..dry bin..(garbage segregation)

..If you gift a book to someone you can give a Book Mark as well -one that you have made yourself. A book mark will keep away.. dog ears ..that means you don’t fold the right corner of the page to mark where you have stopped.

Here are some book marks you can make using old material:-

.  Book mark made of old ,used chart paper or thin card board got from boxes eg choco box or toothpaste box.

….Material needed: Scissors,Old chart or card board,Glue,Ribbon.Punch and bits of coloured paper small beads .news paper any tit bits at home.                                                          

….Cut chart/card board into a rectangle 1 1/2 inch (width)and 6 inch length.

….Punch a whole on one side and pass a 4 inch ribbon. Thread a bead on each end and tie a knot.Tie a knot with the two ends as well.

….Put glue on the rectangle and stick the coloured paper randomly,and let it dry.

….Cover the book mark with plastic or you can ask mum to get it laminated.

….You can cut flowers ,different shapes or pictures from old books… stick them instead of pieces of paper …to decorate the book mark

…News paper covered Book marks.

……Here you follow the same method.The book mark can be cut in any shape, on one side.

…..Instead of sticking colourful paper and shapes the whole book mark is covered with news can use news paper with pictures of ads to make it more interesting….

…..Laminate or cover with plastic .This way the book mark does’nt tare.


You can decorate ice- cream sticks …just plain colouring with designs,stick flowers or make animal heads and paste on one side as show in the picture






Here are some more pictures .Children you  be as creative as you like. Use butterfly cut out the sun,moon or stars






Enjoy making your book marks. You can gift your hand made bookmark to just anyone.

Always remember the 3 R’s when you do art and craft….Reduce,Reuse, Recycle.Sometimes you can also redo what u have and make it new.

Lets not waste . Lets Save our Mother Earth.



Christmas craft – palm painting

Christmas is round the corner , we are going to learn some exciting Christmas craft using our hands.

Things needed :-

  1. Paper ( you can use news paper or the blank side of computer printouts. Remember the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  2. Camlin or any other brand poster paints. ( They should be safe. )
  3. Water and paint brushes.
  4. An apron a napkin.
  5. Any other material to decorate.( Silver or glase paper…)
  6. Paste and scissors.
  7. Felt pens and crayons for out lines.

Kids you can ask mum or any adult to be near you to help while putting the paint on your palms.

I shall put up pictures from the net. Being a kindergarten teacher most of the things i have tried. So go ahead and try.

You can be as creative as you like get an idea from the pictures.

So here we go :-

Christmas tree using your palm-

paint on palm This is how you put paint on the palm.use different colours yellow ,red ,you can make designs.

xtree        xtree1

xtree2       xtree4

Santa :- Palm painting –

santa         santa1

santa2             santa3

santa4           santa5


Here are the reindeer , snow men………..and…..

christ1     christ2

christ3 snow menchrist4   christ5

christ6   christ7


Kids these are some ideas .Like I said I have tried most of them The pictures are from the net.You can use colored streamers and ribbons  and old post cards. You can make a wreath with palm cut outs.

Here is an idea- You can have a craft competition for your Christmas  Party.

As mentioned earlier you can use the decoration left overs

Enjoy your Christmas holidays and bring in the New Year  with joy and happiness


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