Bread Uttapam

A quick and healthy snack.Kids you can help mum preparing -weighing the ingredients,mixing and setting-then watch mum cooking.

Remember the rules:-

.  Wash your hands.

.  Tie your hair.

.  Wear an apron.

.  Strictly follow instructions.

.  No wasting and cleaning up.


What you need:-

.  4 slices of brown bread.

.  A small bowl each of maida and suji.

.  A bowl of fresh curds.

.  Finely chopped vegetables.

.  A little oil to fry, salt, chille powder  chat masala, sliced tomatoes and chopped corriender leaves.




1. Grind the bread to a fine powder.

2. Take out the powder in a bowl.Add the maida and suji and spices.

3. Put the curds and mix (dough should be of cake consistency- add a little water if required.)

4. Put in all the vegetables and stir.

5. Heat the pan and spread small pancakes add a little oil.

6. Cook for 3 minutes on each side.

7. When ready garnish with corriender leaves and sliced tomatoes.

8. Serve hot with sauce or chutney.

breadufry  bu



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