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Making Flowers

Here’s something for you to create – flowers that make the world so colourful and bright

flower final

You need:

1)    Thick paper or cardboard (you could use a box of cornflakes or toothpaste.) Avoid buying new paper as it is a waste

2)    Ice cream sticks

3)    Colours (crayons, water colours or colour pencils)

4)    Glue



1)    Cut the paper into different flower shapes

2)    Take the back portion of cardboard (the one which is empty) and colour the flowers bright shades – any bright colour you like!

3)    Paste the flowers on both sides (front and back) of one end of the ice cream stick

4)    For the leaves again we cut the paper and colour them green

5)    Stick the leaves on the ice cream stick slightly below the flower 


Make as many flowers as you like and give them to your parents and friends. Watch them smile Smile


Bye then till the next time.

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