Proud to be Me……….Myself

Kids we are going to do some art and craft. We all love that isn’t it . Remember what  I told you earlier.

The important thing that the letter R teaches you…..

The 3 words…

REDUCE….use only as much as you need ,don’t waste. eg take only half a bottle of water to school ,so you save water. Switch of the light when not in the room.

REUSE……Try and use old things ,don’t just throw them Use old paper and boxes to do craft instead of buying new chart paper.

RECYCLE…..Your old stuff can be passed on to someone to reuse, or you can make something else out of it and use—-give your old clothes to someone needy—or cut them and stich them into floor mats ,may be your pet can use it.

Today you will learn to draw yourself using old chart paper and ice -cream sticks..Follow the instructions —–

Pearls of Wisdom.

…Remember the 3R’s Reduce ,Reuse ,Recycle and Remake.

…Focus ,sit in one place be Mindful.

…Clear up when you finish.





Paper folding into a fan for the Skirt

Paper folding ,then pressing the paper into a straight line ,folding into half like a triangle for the pant.










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