Christmas craft – palm painting

Christmas is round the corner , we are going to learn some exciting Christmas craft using our hands.

Things needed :-

  1. Paper ( you can use news paper or the blank side of computer printouts. Remember the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  2. Camlin or any other brand poster paints. ( They should be safe. )
  3. Water and paint brushes.
  4. An apron a napkin.
  5. Any other material to decorate.( Silver or glase paper…)
  6. Paste and scissors.
  7. Felt pens and crayons for out lines.

Kids you can ask mum or any adult to be near you to help while putting the paint on your palms.

I shall put up pictures from the net. Being a kindergarten teacher most of the things i have tried. So go ahead and try.

You can be as creative as you like get an idea from the pictures.

So here we go :-

Christmas tree using your palm-

paint on palm This is how you put paint on the palm.use different colours yellow ,red ,you can make designs.

xtree        xtree1

xtree2       xtree4

Santa :- Palm painting –

santa         santa1

santa2             santa3

santa4           santa5


Here are the reindeer , snow men………..and…..

christ1     christ2

christ3 snow menchrist4   christ5

christ6   christ7


Kids these are some ideas .Like I said I have tried most of them The pictures are from the net.You can use colored streamers and ribbons  and old post cards. You can make a wreath with palm cut outs.

Here is an idea- You can have a craft competition for your Christmas  Party.

As mentioned earlier you can use the decoration left overs

Enjoy your Christmas holidays and bring in the New Year  with joy and happiness


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