Yoga for kids

Today  there was a nice article in the mumbai mirror about yoga for kids.Yoga goes back almost 5000 years ago.We all know it has many benefits-Yoga helps to relax,it is an awareness of our bodies,self control and discipline. It relaxes and strengthens our muscles and makes our body flexible. some yoga poses- yoga       yoga1            yoga3 Children can benefit from yoga,but it is important that they learn from a trained teacher.They should never be allowed to do yoga  without instructions or an adult with them,it could be dangerous.

Benefits of yoga for kids:-.

Instills confidence. .

Improves power of concentration. .

Develops brain and intellect. .

Good for strengthening of muscles, joints and increasing height.

. Promotes balance. flexibility, co-ordination and strength. .

Helps cope with anxiety. .

Helps develop creativity and imagination.

Remember never force your kids to do yoga.Make it a fun and movement game eg making an aeroplane noise in the aeroplane pose or dog sound in the dog pose. Some kids yoga poses:- kidsy  kidsy1   kidsy2  kidsy3 Your yoga teacher will tell you the names of the poses-asaanas.A clipping from the Times of India.You can zoom and see it.





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