World Environment Day

Hi kids,

It’s the beginning of June 2014.Your summer vacations are almost over,and  you

all must be busy getting your books and things ready for school.I am sure you all had a wonderful break which like i must have mentioned earlier was well learned.

Some of you must have travelled abroad,or must have gone to visit family.Some must have stayed home and attended summer classes,learning new things and making new

friends.Whatever you did i am sure you enjoyed.What you must remember is

to thank  your parents for all they have done to make sure you had a good time.

Be grateful for all you have. Share your experiences with you friends and remember

-listen to them and be happy for them- dont envy them.

Your Pearls of Wisdom:

1.  Always be Grateful for all you have.

2.  Appreciate others and listen to them and make them happy.

3.  Always remember the magic word Thank You.



Today is the 5th of june….Lets all join hands and celebrate:


Mahatma Gandhi wrote “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need,

but not every man’s greed”.

This very simply means that the planet called earth on which we live is like

our mother which provides us all we need to live(that is why we call it

Mother Earth.)What do we need to live ?We need water to drink ,air to

breathe and food to eat.So you see kids the earth  just like your mum gives you all these things..Without her

we could’nt survive.And yet we keep mistreating her.Now to reverse this lets

each one of us do our share.Lets first see a few pictures.

go green                      3 rs


save water                   pollution

Kids  let us all promise to save our mother earth.

Here are our pearls of wisdom:

1.   Each one plant one.( a plant)

2.  Gift a plant.-Flowers look beautiful on plants.

3.  Save water.-you can decide how to do that.-remember dont waste water

in your school bottle.Fill only half the bottle and refill if you need more.

4.  No to plastic.-remind your mum and maid to use a paper or better still

a cloth bag.You can wash and reuse it.

5.  Keep your surrounding clean.-Separate wet and dry waste,


6.  Try to reuse things.

Here are pictures of a beautiful world lets try to keep it this way.

animals eating              flowers



house                scene



water fall

Are’nt the pictures beautiful.It’s put to us to save the world.Each one in

his\her own little way.Cheers- start this very minute and remember to share

with your friends .Make this a weekend game.



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