World Environment Day 2015

On the 5th of June is ‘World Environment Day’ .This is one of the special days that is celebrated every year, like many other days.Like I mentioned earlier why should  we think of environment on the 5th of June only.To save our beautiful Planet Earth , environment should be thought of everyday. We should think of saving our world so much that it becomes part of our daily routine-no to plastic , save water , switch off the lights, no pollutiuon etc should come naturally in our day to day routine.



We all do our bit to Go Green.Here are some easy cool things to do:-

Schools have opened for the next academic year.What you can do-

1 Use the school bus-its fun to be with friends,you will discipline yourself and reach  in time, help to avoid traffic jams near school.

2 If you live near by avoid the car and walk-again you discipline yourself to reach in time, its a good exercise.Ofcourse you have to be careful- walk on the pavement and follow road rules- cross on the zebra crossing……

3 If your parents want you to go to school by car, you can form a car pool with other friends like you.-again you have company,you discipline yourself to reach in time, you learn to care and share.

sw bus walkzebra crossing

Remember the three Rs  Reduce,Reuse Recycle:-3rs

1 For making charts or any kind of craft work use any junk,charts papers ribbons etc.You can go to the art/craft section and get ideas.

2 Instead of buying a new water bottle ,you can decorate your old bottle and reuse it(ask mum to make a cover which is washable.) Fill the bottle only half so that you dont waste water.If you can use your old tiffin box,pencil box and bag, use it for another year.It wont do any harm.May be you can buy something else more useful and what you need.

3 You need a lot of paper for rough work or to scribble.Tare out unused paper from your old exercise books and bind them together.If you have used up computer paper the blank side can be used for rough work.


Say no to plastic  bags.

You can carry your tiffin ,Your sports gear and anything else you need in school in a cloth or jute bag which can be washed.

For Teachers Day you can gift your teacher a plant which you and your class mates can take care of  and use it to decorate your class.Instead of buying a card make one and write something that you really mean- it could be just a ‘Thank You’.Dont buy flowers make flowers of paper.

So kids keep trying and together we will make our Planet Earth look beautiful for ourselves and the future generation.



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