What is water pollution?

Did you know that the water we use is the same water that dinosaurs

used millions of years ago.We need water to live.There are natural water

cycles which keep our water clean.Water pollution happens when we

contaminate our water bodies(e.g. lakes, rivers ,oceans and the ground

water.)Water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface.It is an important

resource for all living things and the environment.Water pollution is a

problem because it kills the fish and other living organisms that live in water.

If  all the marine  life dies, so will much of the human food source will finish.


Picture showing our oceans:70% of the earth’s surface



Pearl of wisdom: DON’T POLLUTE WATER !

I am going to put a youtube about water pollution and how we all can

make a little effort to avoid water pollution.Its very simple. All we have

to do is to be conscious about water- a very valuable resource.

The youtube is by “turtlediary.com”



Now wasn’t that an interesting video?Let’s each one of us promise to do

our little bit in our own way to save every drop of water which is our

life and also try not to pollute water.Go to the art and craft and we will

make an aquarium -remember , by using waste material

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