Water is a precious gift from God save every drop

Raining, its raining,it’s raining all the day,

Raining,it’s raining we can’t go out to play!

But flowers will grow and trees will too,

There will be plenty to drink for me and you!

Raining, it’s raining,but we wont be sad.

For without the rain things would be bad.

The rainy season is almost over.This year in mumbai we have had a lot

of rain.Why do we need water?

We need water to grow plants keep clean ,to wash ,to drink ,to provide

power and to control fire.Most of all we need water to live.

Water has three forms:

forms of waterThat’s magical isn,t it?

You know children – water is constantly being cleaned and recycled through

the earth’s water cycle. I am sure you all have learnt  about the

water cycle.The sun takes up  water drops as water vapour ,( We

cant see them)which then mix with the air,high up in the sky ,water vapour

cools and turns into water droplets and they form clouds.Rain falls from

these clouds.



Dear  children, we have plenty of water but  we

are not using it wisely.We must save every drop .

When we talk about the rainy season one thing we always want to see

is the rainbow. A rainbow is formed by the reflection of the sunlight in

water droplets and it is seen in the earth’s atmosphere.

Want to have fun?  Go to the science experiment section and make

your own rainbow.Like i have told you before we are surrounded with

magical things and happenings.Love and respect everything around you.

Go ahead make your rainbow…..

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