Water Conservation

Hi kids, Do you know how many seasons we have.That’s right-5-Winter,Spring,Monsoon,summer and autumn.Each season has something special and thats what our magical world  is all about. From June to September we have the monsoon or the rainy season in India.We cant live without water.Our body has 75% water.The earth is covered 3/4 with water.We need water to drink ,to wash to clean.Plants need water to grow Everything around us needs water. Water cycle h2o cycle Our magical world   oceans   body             body1 We take water for granted.You know kids in many remote villages people have to travel many kilometers to collect water.With our careless attitude we cut trees to build houses,there is so much of industrial pollution that we are causing global warming.Our glaciers are melting fast.We are destroying our wonderful world. Almost every year the monsoon gets delayed and we face water shortage,but still we waste water.We take every thing we have for granted.We all can try to save water in our own small ways. save h2o Here is an interesting clipping from Times of India


saving water_1

Kids make your mum read this to you and ask her to explain.I am sure we can all do our little bit and save water.- Save our world



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