Water conservation- using water wisely

Before we  start  talking about water conservation,i just want to

tell you kids (and moms )that when we talk of values , it doesn’t mean that we

have to be goodie, goodie all the time,and have no fun.We have to learn

to live life the best .We can not be missing any chance to explore and learn.

Remember nothing is wrong if once in a while we are just sitting and doing

nothing.But what we  have to remember is to respect and love and care

for all things around us in this wonderful world.We have to make our

value system/sanskars so strong and believe in them so that that they

come to us naturally,as a part of growing up.So kids have fun,

and together lets cheer for a better society , better India and a better world


We have heard our parents,and teachers telling us not to waste water.

Every one is trying to do that at there own level.I’ll just show you a

cutting from the Times of India


save water toi

Print hasn’t come clear.All it says is ……while brushing your teeth do not

leave the tap running.

Take a bath using a bucket and mug in place of a shower.You can have

a shower a short one …what is important is to save water.

Wastage of water in one home makes the other homes go dry.Some

thing to ponder about- don’t you think?

Water is life, use it wisely.

I have made a chart below, of some things to do to save water.Tell you what-

make a chart for yourself  and hang it in your room.Then every day

tick if you were able to save water.Before you know it  will become a daily

routine to use water wisely.Go ahead and try- it will be fun Take your friends

along and put up a chart in school.Your teacher will be happy, i am sure.


chart save water

Pictures talk louder than words-see for yourself:

drinku   collect rain eater

Drinku                          Collect rain water and use it for plants,to clean

your car

And now my favourite poem -kids have loved it:


drip drop


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