Teaching Children The Joy of Being a Giver


Christmas is here again.It’s the time of the year when kids look forward for their winter break.

Christmas is the birthday of Jesus and it is celebrated all over the world.We have a lot of fun.Christmas is the season of giving.

Children wait for their presents.Have we ever thought that Christmas would also be a good time to teach the kids ..The joy of Giving…

Today I am going to post a letter written by an aunt for her 5 year old niece Can you imagine the excitement on Shravya’s face when she sees her parents opening their gifts on Christmas Day.

Shravya will learn a lot this Christmas.


Joy of being a Giver.

Patience is a Virture.

Learn to focus and follow instructions.

Discipline….Caring and sharing.

Be Responsible,clear up the mess.

Children getting presents is really exciting,but remember as you grow it can be great fun to join Santa’s Team and become a “Secret Santa”

Enjoy some Xmas craft ideas…..Call your friends and have fun.You can post what to make to anyone you like.
















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