Take More Risks

Every Sunday there is supplement in the Times of India called the ‘Speaking Tree’. I am sure many of you must have seen or read it.I for one really like to go through the supplement.Sometimes the articles are worth reading.Today there is one by Robin Sharma-I love to read what he writes.

This is by him.  -To live your life to the fullest,start taking more risks and doing the things that you fear.The real secret of life is to start spending your time pursuing opportunity.Life is all about choices. You can choose to spend your days sitting on the shore of life  in complete safety ,or ,you can take some chances,dive deep into the water and discover the pearls that lie waiting for the person of true courage.

Isn’t this completely true.It is simpler to walk on trodden path than to take the unknown path. Remember on the other side of fear lies freedom.You just have to stay focused  on your goal. This is what we have to teach our children. Never  ever say NO. If we don’t try how will we ever know what the result would be.Remember -failure is nothing more than learning how to win.The path may be risky,but,that’s where all the fruit is.

So my dear children ‘try, try and try’ -never give up.If you don’t try the unknown you will never know whats on the other side….Your PEARLS OF WISDOM -to live life to the fullest.

Dear parents you have to guide your children . Always be there for them if they faulter on the way.

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Just look at this beautiful video – remember try try you will succeed :


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