Story telling

Hello kids,

I am writing after a very long time.Today we are going to start a new section…………….Story Telling…..and… Reading……

You all like to listen to stories I am sure. Story time can be anytime and in any place, at home or outside in a park just anywhere.As you grow up story time gradually becomes reading time.

You can listen to a story when someone is reading.You can watch puppet shows or watch a little video.You enjoy stories at bedtime and listen to stories with your friends. You can spend Me Time by reading a story just by yourself.When you are a pre schooler you can just look at pictures and gradually you learn to read words and then sentences.Stories should be age appropriate.

Stories can be funny, sometimes nonsensical ,that means they don’t make real sense but your brain begins to imagine what you hear.Sometimes stories are serious and scary.Then we have real life stories.Some stories have morals and values which you can imbibe in real life situations.Stories take you into another world that can be full of imagination.


I will begin by telling you why  stories and reading are important in our lives.

  1. Stories are fun.while listening to a story we go into a world of fantasy -where animals talk and play with us.We imagine a world of fairies and magic.We can sit on a flying carpet and reach the clouds.
  2. Stories make us think .We learn new words, experience drama and rhythm.
  3. Listening to stories we can increase our attention span and learn to focus especially if we read a book as our mind does not get distracted watching movements as with puppets.
  4. Story time is our’ Mindful Me” time where we can totally focus in the present , that means keep your mind in story ,at the present moment.
  5. We learn morals and values from stories ,this can help us to become compassionate human beings.
  6. We learn to respect our friends and elders by listening patiently, we try not to interrupt even if we are not enjoying,learning social behaviour.
  7. But most of all we listen to stories or read for fun .
  8. If we are alone and don’t know what to do try reading a book.You will enjoy your own company as well.
  9. Stories make us think and help us to become creative writers.

     Important things to remember when reading:-








.  As far as possible sit in an upright position with the book at least a foot away from your eyes.

.  if you want to read at bed time place a pillow behind your lower back to support your spine.a pillow can be placed on your lap to help your arms hold your book  away from the eyes.

.  The light should fall from behind your shoulder and as far as possible no shadow should fall on the page you are reading.

.  Reading in the daylight would be the best with proper posture…ie no strain on spine and neck and no shadow on the book.

.  Try and keep your neck straight or tilt a little to match your line of vision this will help in not to straining your eyes,spine and neck.

.  While reading avoid distraction and enjoy your” Me Time” Time  with yourself and your book.


Caring for your Books:-

.  Keep your books in a shelf away from moisture and too much sunlight.

.  Use a book mark when you want to stop reading.Never ,Never fold the corner of the page.

.  Turn the pages gently and from the right corner  of the page, this will protect  your page from getting torn.

.  Never leave your book on the ground or stamp on them.

..Remember books are your very special friends .

Here is a famous quote by Dr Suess  who has written some amazing stories for children.

“The more you read, the more things you  know.The more that you learn ,the more places you will go.”

Reading helps us to discover new things and words increasing our vocabulary.

It helps to develop our mind and imagination.

Reading helps us to learn to focus and spend time with ourselves.

Listening to stories when you cant read increases our listening skills.

Reading enhances our Self Esteem.

So kids try and get into the habit of reading.Books can be one of your best friends,and one such friend who will always be with you.


                                                       Open a Book

Open a book

And you will find

People and places of every kind ;

Open a book

And you can be

Anything that you want to be;

Open a book

And you can share

Wondrous worlds you find in there;

Open a book

And I will too

You read to me

And I’ll read to you.

                                By Jane Baskwill 




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