The festivals of lights- Diwali -was last month.We have all enjoyed ourselves

Many of us waited every night for the 5 days of Diwali just to burst crackers.

Its great fun the sparkles bombs and rockets.Something to know about sound

Sound is all around us-louder during the day and softer at night.Each sound is different

Do you know how sound is produced?Sound is produced whenever an

object is made to vibrate or move rapidly backwards and forwards.A

simple way to feel vibration is to hold a balloon that touches the front of a spesker

when music is playing.Try it-  did you feel the balloon vibrate?Most

vibrations are too quick to see.As you grow and come to higher classes you will

learn more about sound.

The loudness of a sound is measured in decibels -db- look at the picture

below and see how loud a sound somethings you see almost daily make-



How can we help –

1.  Speak softly dont scream.

2.  Enjoy music but not so loud so that others get disturbed.

3.  Use the horn only if you have to-learn to be a little patient.This is for

your dad/mum or your driver.

4.  Dont bang doors and windows.You know by doing so you may only

damage them.Learn to gently close them -it dosent take time-try.

noise pol









We all know that we hear with our ears.We enjoy soft and musical

sounds.Very loud sound are painful and disturbing,and loud sounds can

lead to permanent ear damage sometimes deafness.Have a look at the

picture below this is how your ear is outside and inside.You’ll learn about

it as you grow up.




Here’s a you tube on sound pollution ‘ by

by Allison Holly-

sound pollution


Well lets all try each one in their own little way to control sound pollution.

Lets start with”Talk softly dont scream”. Enjoy music and also watch

our favourite programme on the tv ….but remember not very loud.It’s

not far to disturb others.Have you ever tried to sit out in a park at home

or near the sea and just close your eyes and quietly listen.You’ll be

surprised at all the different sounds you can hear,try and identify them

it can be fun.You’ll get a nice feeling try.





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