Something to think about

Good morning to you all dear moms.Summer vacations have started and i am

sure you have planned out loads of things especially those of you who are

working mums.Its tough managing work , home and kids.You just have to

be a super mum.Never feel that you are depriving your child of your love and

attention.Many a time we tend to forget  what our kids like or want.Each

one of us wants our kids to become an einstine, and why not.But it is

important to be happy with every small achievement your child makes.

Remember quality time is better than quantity time.Why i thought of writing

this post is because of the number of ads. i have see in the paper all for summer

camps and classes……Classes for drama acting and and movement

art and craft yoga cooking good manners and sholakas, you name it and theres

a class for that.What is important is not to send your child to as many classes

as you thing right or becauses all his/her frnds are going.You need to

understand your child ask if he likes to go push a little never force.Before

deciding on a class you need to do a little homework…..Who is taking the

class, where, what do they plan to do is it another place where your

child is under stress to prove him/her self, how many kids in class and most

of all it is important to see if your child comes home happy after the class.

You cas ask for a demo before you make your decision about chosing the class

Let your kids have a happy child hood have sometime for him/her self to

play with his toys sit by himself listen to music and spend time with you

and your family.So have fun and make this vacation exiting a movie orl lunch

,apicnic or just an evening at beach or park along with a friend. Cheers-

Remember you are all doing a job as a mum.

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