Simple Reminders

Hi mums,

This section is for you.Simple things to remember and not take things for granted.Remember time waits for no one.We become so busy with our lives that there is really no time to think.Sometimes we  work just like zombies,without thinking we just continue to work.Its really a good idea to just sit for a short while  each day and just be there for yourself. What i am going to do is just write simple quotes i have read.May be you can use them to explain to your kids when you want them to do something.

‘If you dont go after what you want,you will never have it.If you dont ask, the answer is always no.If you dont step forward,You”re always in the same place.’

Nora Roberts

Isnt that a fact.Our aim should be to try always-try- something will always come out of it.

Remember try ,try and you will succeed.Never say no.

thought4              You just have to  ask and move forward.Dont wait for things to come to you.You have to make the effort.


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