The Festivals of Lights-Diwali was in the beginning of this month(november)

You all must have done a lot of craft and art related to diwali in school-

You must have made cards ,diyas, torans. lanterns and many more things.

Mum must have made rangoli at home.Heres a little about rangoli-

Rangoli is an ancient traditional Indian art form.It is a brightly coloured

design on the floor created using different materials such as coloured

powders,seeds and grains flower petals and paints.Rangoli symbolises a

warm welcome and good luck.Rangoli designs have simple geometrical patterns

to highly intricate images.

Simple steps to make a rangoli-Make dots equidistance and then the

pattern(see picture below)

design1 dots


design 2




design4 Now make your own designs -its fun


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