Importance of Self Esteem-2

                                   High and Low Self Esteem

To be Happy and Successful in Life, it is very important for everyone to think and feel good about one-self.One should have the confidence that they are capable of doing things to the best of their ability.This means every one should have Self Esteem.

A Child with High Self Esteem feels :-





…Confident and willing to try new things.


A Child with Low Self Esteem feels :-


…Afraid to try new things

…Helpless to do a task alone

…Fearful of situations

…Sad and dejected



Some of the things we can do to help build Self Esteem in our children.

LOVE :- Show love unconditionally to your child.We don’t have to say I love you, only when he/she does well.Say it anytime to make them feel secure.

STRESS:- Encourage your child to take up new challenges.Make him/her feel comfortable and let them know that you are there to guide them , if they get stuck.

If there are tough decisions to be made ,sit and talk with your child about various options,and,you can decide what to do, together.

Do not expect perfection.Praise them,compliment them- even if you feel that the task which they have accomplished is not good enough.This will encourage the child,and never make him/her feel that they have  disappointed you.

All critical comments should be constructive.Every child is good at something ,make sure to comment on this unique talent.It could be even just -listening.

RESPONSIBILITY:- Give your child every chance where he/she can learn to be responsible.  Praise what he/she does,make him/her feel capable and boost his/her Self Esteem.You can,however, suggest to him/her ways for further improvement.

COMMUNICATION:- Self Esteem can be built by having good relationships with family and friends and keeping a regular dialogue , tell them so,and later when you are free -remember to ask what they wanted to show you.

Learn to listen to your child.This makes him/her feel important.Show him/her  that you are interested in all he does by asking simple questions like…”how was your day at home or in school..What they ate or whether they went outside to play.”

RESPECT:- Self Esteem can be built by respecting your child’s….Choices,Opinions and the things he has ,it could be a stone or leaf he picks up.Remember-just like you feel your things are important ,so are the things they have.

GOALS:-You can help your child to make up his/her mind about their goals-daily,weekly or monthly.You can help them to achieve their goals by following up  on a regular basis.This would be a good Self Esteem booster.

Where as,it is  important to boost your child’s Self Esteem ,it is also equally important to guide and correct him/her- at the right time .It is also necessary to discipline him/her gently- yet firmly.Never ever do this in front of others-this would embarrass your child.



Self Esteem Shapes Life !!!




Importance of Self Esteem—1

                                    SELF ESTEEM

Self Esteem is the way we think and feel about ourselves.Self esteem shapes our lives and is important for everyone,both young and old.As parents it is important to help build up our child’s self esteem.Family and Home are two greatest influences to help children at all ages to build up a High Self Esteem.I read a beautiful poem….

I Am Glad to be Me

The author is unknown to me:

I look in the mirror

And what do I see?                              

I see the ME,

No one else can be.

I am Precious.

I am glad to be ME.

MY hair,my face.

My personality.

My size,my shape.                                                                                    

The colour of my skin.

All make up me

Outside and in.

I Am Glad to be me.





My Recipe for Self Esteem


1…I will always be …Proud to be me.

2…I Believe in myself.

3…I will love myself first.

4…I am important.

5…I am Happy with all of ME.

Kids lets have a little fun.You enjoy colouring and sticking right? (Art and Craft)

Here’s a chart which says “All About Me”

You can print it out. Then you can draw, colour, paint or stick ,following the instructions.

When you have finished stick it on your board.Remember  You are  the Best.Always be Proud of Yourself. Now this doesn’t mean you look down on others.Be happy for  what others can do.Everyone is good at something.



Forgetful Mum

When mum forgets this is what she says:-

Here is what her little one has to say:-

“Mum,you never forget.You always remember that you forget.So you see mum you never really forget.”

A child can never imagine that his mum can foget.For him mummy knows everything and can do just anything.

Try not to give up

If you give up,you know for certain that you’re going to sink,where as if you keep going,there’s a chance that you may not.

Margaret Atwood,author

Remember the journey could be fun.

Mindfulness…Paying Attention


Hi! Kids

Have you heard the word Mindfulness?Everyone seems to be talking about it these days.Well, it very simply means… Pay Attention…

You do so many things in a day…reading,playing, eating,and many more things,but, what you register or experience and remember will be only the things that you do with attention and focus..the other  things will be a vague memory.

Here is a simple example.If you want to buy a ball and  you enter a toy shop full of all kinds of toys …you will look around and your gaze will stop only when you spot the ball.If someone asks you whether you saw any pretty dolls in the shop your answer would be “I think so.”

Have you wondered why this happens?You can remember or see things what you have your focus on – you will not notice other things even if they are attractive.This is called Mindfulness .

..PAY ATTENTION PLEASE.. to all what is happening around you and what you are doing……

Here are some pictures showing how you can be a MINDFUL ME

How you can do work mindfully:-

1..While playing ,even if you are outdoors ,where you can see various things- be focused on what you want to do.

Work while you work

Play while you play.



2..While reading or writing try and focus on the book.Your mind may get distracted ,its natural.What you have to do is- be Mindful and bring your attention back.Try and sit on a chair with your book on the table this will help you to be in the present moment.




3..Avoid multi tasking.This means do One thing at a time.

Don’t read and eat at the same time.Be mindful with your food. Sit in one place and eat.They say when you eat- think of the food and its taste.                                              Chew the food. These are healthy habits and only then  you will get full benefit of the food.

4..One of the best ways of being Mindful is being.. First a good listener and only after you have heard the person- you should respond..Listening helps you to Focus and Pay Attention.

5..To keep yourself focused and stress free, it’s a good idea to do a little yoga . This will help you in being “MINDFUL ME” at all times .It will improve your attention span and make you an achiever.



…..Learn to be Mindful in all you do.

…..Be Present not Perfect. (Pay attention to whatever you do ,perfection will come automatically.)

…..Learn to be a Good Listener.(This is the first step to Mindfulness)

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