Mindfulness…Paying Attention


Hi! Kids

Have you heard the word Mindfulness?Everyone seems to be talking about it these days.Well, it very simply means… Pay Attention…

You do so many things in a day…reading,playing, eating,and many more things,but, what you register or experience and remember will be only the things that you do with attention and focus..the other  things will be a vague memory.

Here is a simple example.If you want to buy a ball and  you enter a toy shop full of all kinds of toys …you will look around and your gaze will stop only when you spot the ball.If someone asks you whether you saw any pretty dolls in the shop your answer would be “I think so.”

Have you wondered why this happens?You can remember or see things what you have your focus on – you will not notice other things even if they are attractive.This is called Mindfulness .

..PAY ATTENTION PLEASE.. to all what is happening around you and what you are doing……

Here are some pictures showing how you can be a MINDFUL ME

How you can do work mindfully:-

1..While playing ,even if you are outdoors ,where you can see various things- be focused on what you want to do.

Work while you work

Play while you play.



2..While reading or writing try and focus on the book.Your mind may get distracted ,its natural.What you have to do is- be Mindful and bring your attention back.Try and sit on a chair with your book on the table this will help you to be in the present moment.




3..Avoid multi tasking.This means do One thing at a time.

Don’t read and eat at the same time.Be mindful with your food. Sit in one place and eat.They say when you eat- think of the food and its taste.                                              Chew the food. These are healthy habits and only then  you will get full benefit of the food.

4..One of the best ways of being Mindful is being.. First a good listener and only after you have heard the person- you should respond..Listening helps you to Focus and Pay Attention.

5..To keep yourself focused and stress free, it’s a good idea to do a little yoga . This will help you in being “MINDFUL ME” at all times .It will improve your attention span and make you an achiever.



…..Learn to be Mindful in all you do.

…..Be Present not Perfect. (Pay attention to whatever you do ,perfection will come automatically.)

…..Learn to be a Good Listener.(This is the first step to Mindfulness)

Being Responsible


What is responsibility?

Responsibility means doing things that you are supposed to do and then accepting the positive or negative outcome of your actions.

As children, as you grow up… you are given  small tasks for which you are responsible for.. and you have to face the consequences for not doing those tasks .Here are some examples:-

..You may have to tidy up your room and if you forget everyday, maybe you won’t be allowed your daily screen time.

..You must complete your school homework and remember to pack your bag.If you forget  your teacher gets upset with you,or you may get poor grades.

..You have a pet whom you have to feed daily.What happens if you forget…your pet will fall sick .

We all need to act with responsibility, if we want to live in a safe and happy world.

Cleaning your room as you grow is your responsibility and a way to help mum at home.

Completing your school work,also means respecting your teacher.

Keeping your environment clean at home and at school.

Not only you, but also your mum and every adult too, has to be responsible to become better citizen and have a Happy Earth.

This last year 2020 has been a very difficult time for every one in the world because of the Corona Pandemic

We all have tried to do our bit to help everyone to be safe. However, it’s sad to say but some adults all over the world have  been irresponsible.

They have not followed the 3 simple rules, given to us by Doctors and Health Workers.

…Washing Hands.

…Social Distancing.

…Wearing a Mask.

A simple chart to follow..If you like,you can print it and stick it at the entrance of your home..Remember, this pandemic is here to stay for a long time.We need to take care and live safely and try to make the world a better place.


…Be responsible.

…Never feel embarrassed to stand for or do the right thing.(Wear a mask at all times when you are outside, even if someone laughs at you.)

…Respect your elders by being responsible, if asked to do something.(Do your school work if asked by your teacher.)


Teaching Children The Joy of Being a Giver


Christmas is here again.It’s the time of the year when kids look forward for their winter break.

Christmas is the birthday of Jesus and it is celebrated all over the world.We have a lot of fun.Christmas is the season of giving.

Children wait for their presents.Have we ever thought that Christmas would also be a good time to teach the kids ..The joy of Giving…

Today I am going to post a letter written by an aunt for her 5 year old niece Can you imagine the excitement on Shravya’s face when she sees her parents opening their gifts on Christmas Day.

Shravya will learn a lot this Christmas.


Joy of being a Giver.

Patience is a Virture.

Learn to focus and follow instructions.

Discipline….Caring and sharing.

Be Responsible,clear up the mess.

Children getting presents is really exciting,but remember as you grow it can be great fun to join Santa’s Team and become a “Secret Santa”

Enjoy some Xmas craft ideas…..Call your friends and have fun.You can post what to make to anyone you like.
















How to Live the Best way during Difficult Times and still Be Always Grateful

Hi Parents,

The year 2020 is one that will be remembered by generations to come…The Covid 19 Pandemic…

We are learning and have learnt and still learning… to live with the  Covid 19 Pandemic.It’s been almost a year when we have all been at home and learnt multitasking.It’s been a tough time for you parents especially for you dear mums and of course you all dear children.We have all learnt to do things together and to live with each other the best way we can .We have had happy times,sad times, trying times,difficult times and easy times and frustrating times, wondering how to manage ourselves. We have learnt not to  take things for granted but to be always grateful for all that we have….a home to live in,friends and family and all our daily needs.The world will be a changed place when things become normal or I should say near normal .here are some pictures which say it all:-

Learning to do things at home.

                                                                       Messy home

Working together and multi-tasking

Pearls of Wisdom :

………Let’s think of small things in life which we always took for granted.

Let’s be Grateful for Each  New Day in our lives.

Let’s be grateful for everything in our lives.

Value our Loved Ones.

We have had a quality family time,were mum,dad, children,grandparents and relations have been home together.We have all  been busy in the rat race of life and had forgotten what family bonding means.We grew closer to our loved ones and realised what they like ,what they don’t .We have learnt how important it is to respect each other and to value each other’s work and time.

We have learnt how to share work and help each other .No work is difficult to do whether it is sweeping ,mopping ,washing or cooking.We have learnt time management and multi-tasking.

We have learnt to be grateful and thankful for all that we have got.We have learnt how to manage with simple and small amounts of everything we use… food, provisions, daily requirements.The joy of simple homemade food and the importance of eating meals together.

Caring and sharing .The joy of giving and realising how lucky we are to have a home and loved ones.Respecting each other and understanding how everyone’s work is important.Most importantly, we have learnt to value our house help and  realised how much work they did for us.

We have all in someway or the other helped the less fortunate…The Joy of Giving.

The Covid lockdown has made us observant. We have seen things in the house and outside which we took for granted and learnt to appreciate all things big and small.We suddenly realised how beautiful the world is .Every tree, flower and bird chirping  looked so beautiful .The sky with the setting sun and clouds made us gasp with excietment and made us want to capture that simple moment in a photo and maybe we  shared with others.

We have learnt the fun of connecting with our long lost friends and relations.Respect and care for senior citizens.

We rediscovered ourselves.Remembering our old hobbies and trying them out again.We realised the joy of being just by ourselves.. just sitting and staring into space which we may not have done for a iong time.. as we were too busy running around.

Most of all, we have learnt the meaning of life and how to live and be happy with whatever we have. Everything big or small needs to be nurtured and respected.We all have our own little stories that the lockdown has made us experience.

Ofcouse all the time has not been happy .There were and will be difficult days.Times when we feel how will we carry on .We have lost our tempers and had bad moods.We have learnt to control and discipline ourselves.

Be patient.. this too will pass.Be strong and stand by each other and we will come out into a better world and be better people.Let us not give up and keep doing our best in whatever way we can.


To be loving, caring and patient.

To Respect others and ourselves.

The importance of simple food and  simple exercise.

Being observant not missing even the smallest things that are around us.

Making Gratefulness our daily habit.

We should stick to these after the covid lockdown and become better human beings and the world a better place to live in.











How to Make a Book Mark


Hi kids

This is the age of the internet and so book reading is slowly vanishing.Read my earlier post on ‘Story Telling’ and you will know the importance of books.Reading gives you a feel that the internet cannot do .When you read you transport yourself into a fantasy world. .Make it a habit to read or look at a book at least once a day.

What is a Book Mark? Well its a piece of paper or anything else like an ice-cream stick or ribbon which you put  in between the page of a book that you are reading.When you want to start reading again the book mark will take you straight away to the page you had stopped on.

They can be used for you school text books and exercise books.

A well kept book shows your respect for your teacher.

Book marks are easy to make.remember the 3 R’s reduce,Reuse and Recycle.Any waste material can be used to make a book mark

The images  are from google.I have made each one of them with my little students.Here is something I would like to share ,I don’t know how to post the  bookmarks i have made so I use images from google.

One thing you must always remember never ever feel small in telling someone that you can’t do something or you have’nt heard of somehing.

.It’s not nice  to be  a -Know all Person- all the time..Learning never stops whatever your age  You can learn from anyone ,older or younger.

Be honest to yourself.


..To have an adult when you make them to avoid accidents.

..Care and share with your friends….you will enjoy more and get better ideas.

..Be responsible.Clear the space putting things back in their place and throw the left overs in the ..dry bin..(garbage segregation)

..If you gift a book to someone you can give a Book Mark as well -one that you have made yourself. A book mark will keep away.. dog ears ..that means you don’t fold the right corner of the page to mark where you have stopped.

Here are some book marks you can make using old material:-

.  Book mark made of old ,used chart paper or thin card board got from boxes eg choco box or toothpaste box.

….Material needed: Scissors,Old chart or card board,Glue,Ribbon.Punch and bits of coloured paper small beads .news paper any tit bits at home.                                                          

….Cut chart/card board into a rectangle 1 1/2 inch (width)and 6 inch length.

….Punch a whole on one side and pass a 4 inch ribbon. Thread a bead on each end and tie a knot.Tie a knot with the two ends as well.

….Put glue on the rectangle and stick the coloured paper randomly,and let it dry.

….Cover the book mark with plastic or you can ask mum to get it laminated.

….You can cut flowers ,different shapes or pictures from old books… stick them instead of pieces of paper …to decorate the book mark

…News paper covered Book marks.

……Here you follow the same method.The book mark can be cut in any shape, on one side.

…..Instead of sticking colourful paper and shapes the whole book mark is covered with news paper.you can use news paper with pictures of ads to make it more interesting….

…..Laminate or cover with plastic .This way the book mark does’nt tare.


You can decorate ice- cream sticks …just plain colouring with designs,stick flowers or make animal heads and paste on one side as show in the picture






Here are some more pictures .Children you  be as creative as you like. Use butterfly cut out the sun,moon or stars






Enjoy making your book marks. You can gift your hand made bookmark to just anyone.

Always remember the 3 R’s when you do art and craft….Reduce,Reuse, Recycle.Sometimes you can also redo what u have and make it new.

Lets not waste . Lets Save our Mother Earth.



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