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” When you think everything is someone else’s fault , you will suffer a lot.When you realize that  everything springs only from you ,you will learn both peace and joy. ”

Dalai Lama

Today I am only going to say that whenever you come across some nice quotation learn to share it. You never know what someone is going through and how a quotation can help to over come the situation and look at life in a positive way.

You and you alone are responsible for all that is happening to you.

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Save water


WATER :    Can you imagine a world without water.

What do we need water for :- Bathing , washing ,cooking, drinking…….Water is our life.

cleaning    washing water  brush                  water plant

shave            car wash   drink h2o

We have all learnt about the water cycle :-

h2o cycle

Like we take so many things for granted we never think about water. We use it and enjoy.Not even for a minute do we stop and think what would we do if one morning we get up and our taps are dry.

Today let us think of ways we can save water or rather use water carefully :drinku

Here is how you can make a checklist for saving water :-



Water is a precious gift from God .

Let us save every drop.

Be grateful first and pray for a good rainy season next year.



Earth Day

The Earth Day is round the corner……Yes it is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year.On that day every one will be talking about saving our planet  -Earth-. There will be workshops where we will all join hands and promise to take care of our planet.That is really nice  , but the only problem I see is that as the days and months go by we slowly forget and begin to take things for granted ….. the air around us , water the trees and every thing else. The good thing is that there are people who keep reminding us. A big thank you to them. I am just going to put up some pictures from the net. Children lets all try in our own little way to make our world beautiful. So cheers to that.

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What happened is done

What happened is done.

Stop giving time to things from your past , which no longer exist ,when there is joy to be found right in front of you.

Karen Salmansohn

If we keep remembering  about things that happened to us we will never be able to move ahead. What we have to do is learn from our past incidents and look ahead with an open mind. If we keep remembering things then it is  we alone who will be the suffers .Our minds and thoughts will always be clustered. Look ahead there is always another door open .We have to learn to be positive.Its not easy so we have to keep reminding ourselves to move on every time we tend to think back and it worries us.

There is a new joy and adventure always in looking ahead.’ Time and Tide wait for no man.’ So always move on to a better future.

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Behaviour Pattern 4

Biting and Hitting

Biting and hitting is heard of  many times in the kindergarten and the tots who do that are labelled as ‘An aggressive child.’

biting          biting2


Biting and Hitting  is very common with two year olds. Why do they bite :-

1 . It is a baby way of getting what they want. They could bite to get a toy they want.

2 . They could bite or hit in retaliation for being hurt.

3 . If the kids are still cutting teeth the biting could be a physical or a psychological urge. We often hear our elders say -‘Oh he\she is teething ,their gums must be scratching .Don’t worry too much.”

4 . Sometimes tots want to express their feeling and needs and don’t know how to do that and hence the hitting and biting.

5 . Tots learn quickly -as soon as they realise that by biting and hitting their needs can be easily satisfied they will tend to use this tool for a win win situation.

6 . The kid could be just trying to defend his turf.

If your tot tends to hit or bite please don’t blame yourself. Remember it does not mean your tot will grow up to be a bully.This behaviour need not be labelled as’ Bad Behaviour ‘. It is a part of growing up and needs to be handled with care.

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How can we deal with  hitting and biting :-

1 . Toddlers are not mature enough to understand reasoning so don’t  sit and ask “How would you like it if someone hits / bites you .” Toddlers can’t put themselves in another child’s place and reason.

2 . They can understand consequences- so don’t wait ,if he/she hits or bites take the child aside and tell him/her its wrong to hit anyone and if it happens again you can tell him/her that they can’t play with their friends.

3 . Try to find out the trigger point that makes the toddler aggressive -may be hunger or too much noise or crowd or maybe just a habit to get what is wanted.

4 . Praise the toddler when he is not aggressive and is sharing and caring.

5 . Sometimes they need a little cuddle. If the child is not settling then put him in your lap with face away from you. Tell him once he quietens he can go- and wait. Don’t forget the praise once he relaxes.

6 . A game of deep breathing and yoga can be played if things are a little unsettled.

7 . Be a role model – use the magic words sorry, please and thank you.Don’t force the child to use them – they will learn listening to you.

8 . If aggression continues it would be a good idea to talk to the parents and together you can solve the problem.

9 . Always be positive and work patiently -don’t give up – try different things.

Like I have mentioned earlier there is no magic method in bringing up children.

Have faith in yourself. You are doing a good job. Don’t forget to share and take advice from friends.

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