Note for you dear parent

School started in June and the new academic year is almost or I should say half over.Children right from the kindergarten are  now into their daily school routine.These days the daily timetable of school going kids is as busy and rigorous as the back to back work of many company  CEO’s. angry1 angry4 angry3         A very typical day of the child begins at 6.30/7am.The child is dragged out of his bed.He/she  has many chores to complete -incomplete HW,a pending project-then getting ready with having to finish breakfast and running to catch the school bus.He /she also has to remember his/her tution class books as often they have to go for tutions straight after school.Many times the child has to go to the many activity classes that parents think will mould him/her into the Perfect Adult.On top of all this he/she has to be well behaved and follow rules and timings at home.Little do we realize as parents that maybe our kids would like to read,listen to music or maybe just sit by themselves.Without realizing we put so mush pressure on our kids that they no longer can take it.Some kids may then suffer from anxiety attacks,depression and turn aggressive and stubborn.Some kids may suddenly become disinterested in everything and their grades may fall.Thats when the mums panic button switches on.


Tutions tution1


Co-curricular activity-no free time

activityactivity1activity3From art ,drama to music  and computer-may be fun- but, tiring or maybe kids dont want to do these activities.

Read this poem:-

How happy am I when I crawl into bed-

A rattlesnake hisses a tune into my head,

A gay little centipede,all without fear,

Crawls over my pillow and into my ear.

But yet I am happy ,and live at my ease.

Oh,how I love my pillow,my dreams and my sleep.

We as parents dont leave any chance and want to train  our kids  in all activities so they can

be achievers at all they do.I think it is important to remember that every child is an individual

and is good at something.It is important to be happy and proud of what he /she can do and not

compare him with others his age. It is also important to remember that every child wants both time and

space for himself/herself.Respect that.Every kid wants to be an achiever and make us proud of him/her.Push them gently keeping in mind the child’s ability.Dont put pressure on them to preform.Learn to be happy with what they do,and express it to them.Teach them to never never give up and also to be satisfied and happy for others.

So cheers dear parents to happy parenting.Enjoy your kids growing up-be a friend but

remember to draw a line-you are his guide teaching him right and wrong,to think and become

independent and a caring human being.If we all try in our own little way imagine what this world would be like.

Happy Children

happy happy1happy2happy4

Something interesting from toi:-

cutting scyo

Remember children are miraculous.Love them ,surprise them and most of all always be there for them till they need you.-Each child grows up into an independent individual at his/her own time.Also remember children like to be disciplined,you are their guide.




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