Hello kids,

I am writing almost after 3 months.The last time we shared things was

in December.I have been wanting to write for sometime but somehow just

did’nt get down to it.Now here is something to think about and that is

“TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NO MAN”.The tide comes in every twelve hours.

There is nothing that can stop it.The time too just clicks away minute by

minute.We just can’t ask time to stop.What is important is to do or complete

whatever comes in your mind.Don’t put away things for another time.

Remember,if you postpone doing something you may just feel sorry why you

did not do what you wanted to do -maybe it becomes too late .

As you grow up you will learn about the famous sufi poet Kabri- he wrote many

dohas-couplets(a couplet means a 2 line poem).One of them i will write –

“Kal kare so aaj kar,                       kabir

Aaj kare so ab,                                     Sant Kabir

Pal main parley hoyegi,

Bahuri karega kab?”

To explain very simply-You should complete your work now instead of delaying-

You may not get another chance .

Remember time cannot stop.Never wait for tomorrow.

These last 3 months we have had quite a few festivals.I will just put up a few

pictures with values:-


Makar sankranti-the kite flying festival.It is a harvest festival celebrated

in almost all parts of india.In the south as pongal and in punjab as maghi.Many

melas or fairs are held on this day.The most famous is the kumbh mela held

every 12 years.




check the art and craft section for some fun.

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