Monsoon Craft-Rainbow

The much awaited monsoon has finally arrived.

What do you think of when we talk of the monsoon(rainy season)?

Dark clouds ,rain drops.the rainbow,puddles and boats,rain creatures -the

frog ,snail and earthworm.Shades of green

on trees and the mushroom.Dont forget the colourful umbrella, raincoat

and gumboots.


cloud    umb paper plate  cloud


Lets have fun with paper old and new, paints and crayons.Old or waste card

board boxes for cut outs.Scissors to cut and glue along with bits of any

material to decorate and thread or twine to hang your things.

Remember to REUSE the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.-Your pearl of



Clouds and the rainbow:-


The rainbow has seven colours.To remember them learn the word VIBGYOR-

voilet, indigo, blue and green ,yellow,orange ,red. Look at the picture above

The clouds can be made of cotton wool or draw and colour them blue.

You can pin the picture on you board or make a stick rainbow puppet.Instead of paint

for the rainbow you can use coloured rava or do collage work-paint news paper

in the colour needed tare into pieces and paste.Some more ideas:-


bow collage Collage                bow finger Finger paiting


bow strings   Rainbow string mobile    bow strings1


rainbow crayon paper plate\ crayons     rainbow palm palm painting.

Kids you can be as creative as you like.

Look up the science experiment section to see how to make a

rainbow and, clouds in a bottle.You will also see some beautiful pictures of



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