Monsoon Craft-Rain creatures

Frogs and snails are 2 creatures that you see especially during the rainy

season.Sometimes as you walk along the road or in your bathroom you see a

snake like creature-the earthworm- friend of the farmer as it loosens the soil.

The Frog–It can live on land and swim as well.It croaks, the sound you often

hear at night during the rainy season.The birth cycle of the frog:-

Mama frog lays eggs  in the water,the eggs hatch into babies called tadpoles,

tadpoles grow up to be come frogs.The world is full of magic and wonders.-So

Take care of it.  Your pearl of wisdom.

Birth cycle of frog-

frog cycle


Here some ideas to make a frog.You need paint ,crayons, paper plate ,glue

scissors paper,chart paper and junk tit bits.


frog cut outFrog cut out,you can make your own and paint.


frog palmsPaper plate and palms-Frog palms- stick on paper.



frog paper foldFrog with paper fold legs.Use old cards for the body.



frog lily podFrog on a lily leaf.Stick a piece of thermocol below the

frog and then stick on the lily leaf.(3 d effect)



frog ice cream stickfrog ice cream stick.

You can have any cut out you like.Frogs with caps,frogs with clothes.

Mum you need to help your kids,just supervise .Let them be creative.

Some more ideas-

frog Cut out painted.     frog2Cut out painted

frog kingFrog king     frog paper plateFrog paper plate


The snail is an amazing creature.It carries its house on its back and that is

shell that we see.If you touch it ,then the snail hides in the shell.Its body

is sticky  so it can climb up a wall just like spider man.Is’nt that cool..?

Now lets see some snail craft:

You need the usual things -remember to reuse-old boxes, cards, paper any

junk to decorate.


snail paper plate 2This is with a paper plate.Paint or do collage work.


snail collage      snail roll  snail roll.

Many more ideas just look at the images.Remember you can be as creative

as you like:-

snail3Finger painting       snail7Stick puppet


snailCollage paper tearing  snail6


snail4Paper plate paint and cutsnail2

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