Message to parents

Hi mums and dads,

I hope you are enjoying  reading my blog “Impressionable Minds”.

I would love it if you write your comments on the blog,or better still share

your experiences as a parent.All the little comments your  tiny tots make.

Sometimes you begin to really think about what they say.Kids are innocent

and speak what comes in their minds.We should never under estimate our kids

We must respect their feelings and never scold or insult them in front of others.

Always remember each kid in  an individual withhis own traits and so we should try not to compare.

Each one has something special and deserves praise for it.

Be a happy family and share your joys and sorrows.Always be there for each

other.Life becomes very easy to live When we care and share.




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Take care of your kids help them to become good human beings,and mould

them to create a better world for themselves  and for our future generations.

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