Life’s Daily Lessons

Today i read something every thought provoking in the paper ,so i thought i

should share it with you:-



.  Learn from one and all.-Learning has no limits.We are born to learn from

everyone in our lives-parents ,adults ,children,our maids and helpers even

our pets.

.  Everybody knows something.-Nobody knows everything but everybody

knows something.We should cultivate a habit to learn from everybody and

add value to our lives.To this i would add…Our dog nikki when given any

thing to eat will always sit down and enjoy her food,unlike many of us

who do ultitasking while eating.I have learnt to sit and enjoy my meals.

.  Just like i wrote above ….. Keep your learning options open.-There are

opportunities galore,only if one keeps learning options open  and is ready

to learn or at least try.

These are your PEARLS OF WISDOM. never feel proud or feel small learning

something good from any one.

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