Keep your kid fit and happy this monsoon

After a hot summer we all wait for the monsoon(rainy season).The rains bring a welcome respite from the heat ,but along with this it brings waterborne diseases like cold,cough ,fever and many more illinesses.This keeps us worried for our kids who enjoy  the rain.Let the rains not dampen our kids spirit.                               Children enjoying the rain:- rain1      rain4          rain3   rain2           not on me


Tips to ensure a healthy monsoon:-

.Most of the monsoon diseases are waterborne.Make sure your child drinks plenty of boiled or mineral water.

.Give your child warm and freshly cooked home food.Avoid eating out in restarants-if you want to eat then choose one which is frequented,as you will not get stale food.

.Eating at vendors is also a bad idea,as there will always be lack of hygiene.

.Fruits and vegetables must be washed before eating.Already cut fruits or vegetables are not good to eat, they get spoiled.

.Wash your hands before eating and feet when you come from outside.

.Do not let your child wear damp or wet clothes ,this will make them sick.

I am not asking you to just stay indoors just be smart and careful.Stay indoors only if there is very heavy rain otherwise go about your normal  routine.We need rain to survive.

Pictures :-

fruitsFresh fruits and vegetbles.       lime and gingerA lot of lime and ginger hot souphot soup              wash hands            safe food


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