Joy of giving-Daan Utsav

The Joy of Giving week was launched in the year 2009.It is now celebrated every year from Gandhi Jayanti i.e 2nd october to 8th october .Indians from all over doing different kind of work get together to celebrate ‘giving.’ It is now called Daan Utsav.This week engages people through”acts of giving”.-it could be money,time,resourses and skills-spanning the big companies ,NGO and government sectors,schools ,colleges,and the general public.A simple aim of Daan Utsav could be to rally public support to bring about change.The contribution could be acts of kindness,contribution of time, ¬†money, clothes, toys, books.Just anything one wants to give to reach out to the less privileged.

I will put up some pictures for the joy of giving week:-

jogsymbol of Daan Utasv………..Your Pearls of Wisdom……………

…. Make giving and caring for the less privileged a part of your life.

…. remember-care and Share





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