Inspiring and Positive Quotes

“For one minute,walk outside,stand there,,in silence,and contemplate how amazing

” Life is.”

I have talked about this in my earlier posts.This  is something all  of us should try and do just for a minute almost every day.We get so busy and involved with our daily lives that we forget or don’t see things around us.

If you drive every day, you know all the directions and turns on the way and reach your destination with no trouble, isn’t it? But if you have a driver and you are  sitting on the side and looking out of the car window ,it is only then that you look out and often wonder- did you ever see these  trees on the way,or suddenly you observe a new building a garden……The world around you amazes you.This happens only if you find time and look around. We need to make a concious effort do that. Just spend a minute doing nothing but looking around at our surroundings.

Once again listen to the you tube I posted earlier-‘All things bright and beautiful’- Then stand near your open window and quietly look around ,breathe deeply,and listen to the many sounds.It is then that you will realise how lucky we are to be in this beautiful world.Every time you stand quietly you will see and hear different things.

We must be grateful for all we have, for this beautiful life with amazing things all around.With that thought in mind we should promise  to take care and save our beautiful Mother Earth.We should live a life full of satisfaction and happiness. Caring for and Sharing all we have

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