Things needed:  1.  Blue paint in a bowl.

2. A spoon of shampoo and a straw to blow.

3.  A4 size paper- you can use old chart paper/news paper.

4.  Fish cut out

5. Glue.


Method:     1. Put the paint in the bowl with a little water and shampoo

and blow gently into the solution ( see picture)

blue color bubbles


2. Take the paper ,hold it with both hands above the bubbles formed ,as

you blow.Move the paper up,down and sideways,making sure the

bubbles touch all sides of the paper. You will have a water effect on

the paper.You can use other colours(See the picture below)

bubbles on paper

3. Now take the cut outs of the fish and colour them.

Then stick the fish on the paper with the bubbles.Your aquarium

is ready.You can draw sea weed with green paint.(  See the picture below)


fisheson bubble painting



fish on ble water


Another idea for your aquarium-


sea horse


You can make a border around the paper and pin it on your board in

your room.

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