How to make a paper boat

Things needed:- Piece of square paper

Paints,crayons,junk bits to decorate

Paper plate coloured blue for the lake.Stick the ready boat on the plate.

Method:- Fold the square paper into half.Then fold the rectangle into half to get a square.You will have4 flaps.Now make a triangle by first folding one flap,and then the other 3 on the opposite side.When you open the triangle you have cap which you fold to make a square.You will get a square with 2 triangle folds.Now pull open the triangles.Voila! your boat is ready.You can paint and decorate it.

Steps showing  how to make a boat:-paper fold boat steps


boat                   sail boatSail boat.cut out the hull and

sails decorate and stick.

Remember the 3 rs-Reduce,Reuse Recycle 3 rs.Try to use old paper.

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