How to cover your text books

Hello kids,

You must have had a great summer vacation.Now next week its

back to school.Mum must have ordered and got your set of book for the new

year.Excited? I know something really time consuming is getting the books

covered ,sometimes a little boring is’nt it?Now a days one gets brown paper

cut to the size of books with plastic on top and the book shop owner is ready to

cover your books so it is’nt difficult.All you have to do is write your names

class and subject on the label.I have found a very interesting youtube

showing you how to cover a book with a brown paper bag.Try it, you just may

find it fun and you could cover a few books , may be your story books.

Now just have a look:Click on the link below:-


That was fun is’nt it?Do you know why you cover books

Your pearls of wisdom:-

1.   Most important you cover your books to respect your teacher.Remember

always give her\him a clean and neat book.Well covered ,labelled with

a clear index page to make it easy for your teacher.She\he is your guru and you

must respect, help and obey her\him.

2.  You cover books so that you can use them through the year and this

helps mum,she wont have to run around getting new books in mid term.

3.  You cover books for yourself to become responsible ,be organised and

discipline yourself.

Remember you don’t waste time in doing this.You can call friends on a week

end and spend a day together.Try it and share your experience with us.


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