Do you know what Gravity is?

The force with which the earth pulls down every thing is called gravity.

Sir Newton was the great scientist who discovered gravity when he was sitting

under an apple tree and an apple fell on him….this made him think.

He later wrote the three laws of motion which you will learn when you

grow up!







Sir Newton sitting under

an apple tree….



The apple fell down…towards the ground!


Do this simple experiment:

Things needed:A clear jar with a lid,water,small pebbles,pieces of

small objects like pencils, paper, feathers,marbles,etc.

Method:1. Put the pebbles in the jar and close it.

2. Turn the jar up side down.

3. Observe.

4. Do this with all the things you have and observe.

Result:Each time we turned the jar upside down,whatever was inside

went to what become the bottom.

jar expr

This is because the force called gravity pulled the contents to the bottom.


Another example of gravity –  When you throw a ball up in the air,

however high it goes, it will always come back to the ground. This again

is due to the force that is called gravity.

The earth is almost round but nobody falls into space because of this force!

kids on earth GRAVITY!!!


SEE THE WORLD IS FULL OF MAGIC  We must take care of it.

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