Ganpati Festival

The ten day Ganpati festival will start on the 17th of September and end on the 27th September, the final immersion day. These ten days will be full of devotion ,excitement and fun .You will  see lights and decorations  every where.People move around to visit all the pandals.

ganpati        gan

Six years ago ( 2009 )the eco-Ganpati campaign was launched And is going on very successfully.What is eco friendly or green Ganpati?

Ganpatis made out of material that can fully dissolve in water and prevent water pollution and blockages are called eco friendly.

Some eco friendly materials are –

.  Soft black clay or muddy soil.

.  Paper and wood pulp.

.  Pulp of certain plant leaves and stems.

.  Water colours or colours extracted from nature such as flowers and fruits.

These components completely disolve in water and do not harm the environment.

eco4 pulp  eco1mud

eco2  eco3

Some eco friendly ways:- Try them-

.  Immerse eco friendly idols at home in a large tub and use the water for plants.

.  Not to use thermocol and plastic for decorations.

.  The flowers which are offered to Ganpati don’t just throw them away you can make a compost or put the flowers in the big hundis provided by the BMC.

.  Use permanent idols made of marble ,stone ,brass etc. Do a symbolic immersion and reuse the idol the next year.

Pearl of Wisdom :-

Enjoy the Ganpati Festival but remember help to keep your city clean.




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