Fun with junk

Hi kids ,its summer vacation again- your holiday well earned after a year of hard work.Vacation time is to relax and do things you otherwise don’t have time to do.Its summer season, so very hot.You can be outside early morning or in the evening.(for various classes).During the day you have to sit indoors-  maybe watch a movie with your friends,cook, do some fun activities,play board games or just chit chat.Look what i have for you…..Fun with junk.

You can collect used up charts , boxes of tooth paste ,chocos, old ribbons cloth and make what you like.

1 A scrap book with your favourite cut outs pictures,photos.

2 Mobiles of flowers,animals etc.

3 Toys like motor cars ,masks.

I will show you some pictures and then go ahead let your imagination run.

Fun with paper plates:-

paper plate   paper plate1paperplate2  elephant paper plate

Fun with boxes and bottle:-

box car1  box cow box rabbit                boxcar2

button gardenButton garden bottle fish

Aqurium:-aquarium box These are just some ideas many people have shared.You can make just any thing you like. Remember your teacher would like it if you helped her to decorate the class-so use any junk and you can make charts and mobiles for your class projects.

One thing that you you will always enjoy making is a scrap book,in which you can paste just any thing you like-photos of friends or special occasions,pictures from a magazine or even articles you would like to keep.Paste them with a caption or write a little about them. For the book you can use old news paper,paint it (flower or sponge painting),cut to the size you like and bind it with a cover.Oh yes ,always remember to put a date on whatever you stick-you will love to remember and go down memory lane.-You can make a class magazine each year  sticking pictures photos etc.-sharing it with your friends years later .-its really great fun.

scrap  scrap1

scrap2        scrap3using news paper.






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