Formula for Happiness

We have all heard of the saying: ‘ When you laugh the world laughs with you- but when you cry ,you cry alone.’

We always tell children to be happy.Happiness is a feel good factor.One can be happy for anything ,for anyone and in any place.Happiness means different things to different people.

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Be happy:-

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Here are some factors that can make you happy:-

. Try and do things that you love.If you can turn your hobby or your passion into your profession,you don’t have to worry- you will always do well as you will always love what you do.This will  make you happy.

.Think of others .We should learn to be compassionate towards others.  There is no greater joy than giving and sharing.When you give and share  you will make someone happy .Remember Caring is Sharing.

.Live in the moment.In our fast pace of life we often take things for granted.We forget to look around at this beautiful world,hear  different sounds.We should learn to live in the present ,enjoy each moment of our life and not spend it thinking of what happened or what will happen.To be happy you have to remind yourself to live for the moment and enjoy what you do.

.Be curious.We must try to explore unfamiliar and mysterious things around us.This way we will not get stuck  in our comfort zone.Life will then always be full of excitement and we will always have something new to learn and share and in turn life will be more satisfying for you.

.Take care of your body. Again dont take all you have for granted.God has given you your  five senses and a mind to think.If you look after your physical and mental health it is only then that you can do things that are right and make you happy.If you are happy you can spread happiness around you.This you can do only if you take care of yourself.

.Nurture relationships. If you don’t water a plant it will wither away.Similarly you  have to learn to spend time with your loved ones-parents, friends,family.You can always make them feel special and remembered -making them happy and you too will feel the love and happiness.Go an extra mile-  don’t let any relationship perish. Take care of the ones you know are suffering from ailments like liver cancer or any mental health conditions.

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