Floating Egg

Hi kids, like I told you earlier- the world is full of magic.Lets have fun with a raw egg .

But make sure mum is around -if the egg falls and breaks,you will have the mess to clear.

Things you will need:-                                                 salt

1. 2 tall glasses 3/4 full of water.

2. 2 raw eggs.

3. Small bowl of salt and a spoon to stir.


!. Take one glass and slowly drop the egg into it and observe.

You will notice the egg goes down to the bottom of the glass.

2. Now take the second glass of water,and put the salt into it and stir.

3. Slowly drop the egg into the glass and observe.

You will notice the egg now floats.

glass1 The first glass has plain water, the second glass has salt water.

This happens because the salt water is denser than the ordinary water .The denser the liquid the easier it is to float.

Density is how close the molecules of a substance are .Dense materials are heavy. Kids you will learn more about density as you grow up.But lets have more fun.

Fill half a glass with salty water and slowly drop in an egg.What happens?You are right the egg floats.Now very gently pour plain water in that glass making sure you dont disturb the salty water.You will notice the egg floating in the middle of the glass.The reason is the same- egg floats in the salty water.Wow! isnt that great.


float3Glass has salt water below and plain water above.







Wonders of the world.-The Dead Sea in                                                                              Israel is the lowest and saltiest spot                                                                                on  earth.                                                                                                             dead






dead3 You know kids this is really very exiting when you can just float in water with no effort.You can ask mum to tell you more about the dead sea.         With so many magical things in the world our  ‘ PEARLS OF WISDOM ”    Respect all things and save our Mother Earth.Bye till the next magical wonder.


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