Festival Season-Love and Respect all

There are 12 months in a year and almost each  month is special for something.After August we have many fesitvals – Rakhee,  Eid ,  Janamashtami ……..They are all celebrated with gaiety and fun, each festival having its own story and speciality .

Our pearl of  wisdom:-

p of wisdom


We must learn to respect each other’s religion .Never laugh at any rituals that are done at a festival. We all pray and believe in one Almighty.All religions say the same thing in different ways. love and respect.

Another important thing to remember is to take care of ‘ Mother Earth’ especially during festivals when we are so busy celebrating and  often forget about our environment.

A few things should come naturally to us :-

.  Use a dustbin to throw trash.Here is something I do -when people stand on the road offering water or juice during a festival,they are doing something nice but-they forget a dustbin- so paper glasses are thrown on the road.I just suggest to them to keep a box for the waste.


.  Don’t waste food. Leftovers can be given to the street children. There are NGO’s who can help you. Make other kids happy and enjoy just like you.

orphans      happy kids

.  Say no to sound pollution. Enjoy music and dance but respect your neighbours.Think of the animals- they hate loud sound.

sound p   sound p 1

I am not telling you to be “goodie goodie” You have the right to enjoy…….Your Pearls of wisdom-

.Care and share.

.Respect all religions.

.Think of the less fortunate.

.No to pollution- sound and air.-

Enjoy your life and together celebrate all the festivals.


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