Experience Gravity Free Water

What is gravity?

Gravity is a force pulling together all matter. Anything thrown up will fall down because of the gravitational pull. I have posted an experiment on gravity earlier in this section,may be you like to read it and do the experiment again.

Now for some super magic.- Before we start make sure you have an adult with you and do the experiment over a bucket or basin to avoid spilling water.

Things needed:-                                                                   glass cardb

1. A glass filled right to the top with water.

2. A square  piece of hard card board.


1. Hold the glass in one hand and put the card board over the mouth of the glass.Make sure no air bubbles enter the glass(.Water should fill the glass to avoid bubbles.)

2. Hold the card board tight on the glass with the other hand and quickly turn the glass upside down.

3. Slowly remove your hand and observe.

What will happen:-

The water will defy gravity and stay in the glass.This happens as there is no air in the glass,and the air pressure from the outside of the glass is greater than the pressure of the water inside the glass.This keeps the card board in place and water from falling.

Wow, was’nt that fun? Show your friends this magic next time you meet.

Children in your own little way save this magical world.


glass2glass3air last pic






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