Evaporation and Condensation

We have already learnt a lot about water and how we should use it

carefully.Today ,we will do a very basic/simple experiment.

You must have heard the two big words -evaporation and condensation.

Water is magical -when in liquid form ,it can flow and take the shape of the

container it is in- a  glass, a bowl  or a bottle.Go ahead and try.

Make sure you do this in a basin so that water does’t spill -or else mum

may get angry.

bottle glass full of water   bowl of water


When you put it in the freezer it turns solid ….ice,and takes the shape

of the container it is put into-try it yourself.



ice cubes

ice cubes

ice trays with ice

ice tray1    icetray2



Now ,when water is boiled- it turns into steam,which is water in vapour


With its strong rays,the sun is continously changing water into vapour and

taking it up in the sky-this is called evaporation.

When this vapour mixes with the cold air in the sky it forms water

droplets.This is called condensation.

Condensation-when hot touches cold like you can see in the picture


kettle steam/gas

EXPERIMENT:                    Evaporation and Condensation

Things needed:      1- A vessel of water

2-Stove to boil the water

3-Clear glass bowl which fits on the vessel of water

Method:     Remember you need an adult with you and keep safe distance-

1-Light the stove and boil the water -let the steam come out

2- Put off the stove.Carefully remove the vessel with the

boiling water and put it on a table.

3  Now gently place the clear,dry glass bowl on the vessel.

4  Observe.

Result:      On boiling,the water turns to steam/ water vapour  and

rises up.When it touches the glass bowl which is not hot the vapour

changes into water droplets which you can see.Slowly you will see the

bowl full of water droplets and they sliding down.

Children, this is how we get rain .Water vapour rises up into the sky-mixes

with the cold air to form water droplets, which form the clouds.Rain

comes from the clouds.Wasn’t that exciting?

Look at the pictures:

drawing for expt

bowl one on topThis is how your bowl will be and you will

see the water droplets on the top bowl, slowly sliding down.

Have fun kids!Like i told you ,call your friends-learning is great while


Next time we will make our own clouds .Bye till then.

Isn’t it a magical world?Should we not take care of our world?

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